Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gundam Age: Gage-ing Haro

I have a soft spot for Haro, but most of the merchandise are quite expensive so I only own a few. Good thing HLJ had a sale on some Gundam Age stuff and the Gage-ing Haro was one of them! I immediately bought  it along with other Gundam Age goodies.

The anime series ended already so the hype has lessened, but that didn't stop me from collecting the kits and other merchandise. I like the series a lot and it's also a good time to buy since almost everything is on sale.   

Here's Wave 1 of my haul. I got other stuff in my private warehouse and will have them shipped in a few weeks.

Gage-ing Haro is quite small, but it can communicate with the Gage-ing Device and various microchips included in some Gundam Age model kits. Open the mouth to reveal a black and white LCD screen. It has a clock function and mini games. It also speaks once in awhile. I hope it's not noisy when I'm asleep.

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